Here are my favorites! The cheap, "5 and 10 store" quality of these plastic creatures, marked with the famous Tomland bunny logo. They had limited movement, wore spandex and plastic clothing and came in an 8 inch, 3&3/4" line, and a 2 inch line. Several of the figures were packaged on different cards with a different series. They had a glow in the dark series of the Star Raiders line and a very rare monster line. Recently, I had the benefit of learning about an Italian carded series of Star Raiders. Read on, enjoy!

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8 inch Star Raiders
Bico Dagon Grand Dral Tago Yog Zing Rot
Oov Zhor Wik Yick Ridal Coth Flash Ah

Star Raiders are the biggest line and probably the most well-known series. The name was ripped off from Star Wars and the characters are ripped off from several Star Wars figures: Grand - Darth Vader, Flash - Chewbacca, Coth - Greedo, Zing - C3PO, Wik - Tusken Raider (Sandpeople). Dral is a direct rip off of Mattel's Pulsar figure. In a Montgomery Ward catalog they were marketed as "Cantina Creatures" from Star Wars line (Kenner's Star Wars line at the time were only 3&3/4"). Tomland tried to capitalize on the popularity of both Star Wars and Mego. The figures only came carded. The back of the cards had illustrations of each of the heads and their name underneath (all in black & white). One cool note is that only Dagon and Dral had boots. Oov has shoes and the rest had bare feet. Weapons were molded to the hands if they had any.

Tago Dagon Dral Oov
catalog Italian distributor logo card (back)

If you look carefully at the Italian version of the Star Raiders (Guerrieri Galattici) card, it is marked "NEWGIOCO ROMA" - Which is an English/Italian combination of "NEW" and "TOY" and probably based in Rome, Italy. There is even a symbol with a "GC" in the bottom left hand corner. Very cool!

8 inch Star Raiders - Glow in the Dark
Bico Dagon Grand Dral Tago Yog Zing Rot
Oov Zhor Wik Yick Ridal Coth Flash Ah
card (back)

This is really the same line as the 8" Star Raiders (above) with a slightly modified card to reflect the Glow in the Dark feature. Hands, feet, heads and weapons were the glow parts.

8 inch Star Command        
Dagon Bico Flash Grand Ridal       Special Offer

The Star Command series were Star Raiders repackaged on a more attractive card in my opinion. I believe that they had the same 16 figures as in the original Star Raiders series. They did have a special offer on the card to become a member of the Star Commander Club which included a certificate, poster, gold wings, membership card and patch. All for $2.98 plus $0.75 shipping and handling... What a deal!

8 inch Creatures from Other Worlds
Dagon Zhor Yog Zoth

There were only four characters in this series. An interesting note is that "Zoth" is "Coth" from the Star Raiders series and the only one with a modified name.

8 inch Famous Monsters of Legend
tomland the fly
Cyclops The Fly Morlock Glow Morlock Glow Yeti Glow Fly
tomland wolfman
Glow Cyclops Card Back Dracula Frankenstein Mummy Wolfman

Ok, here is the cream of the crop! These are the most highly sought after carded figures in the series. The card art is way cool and the characters are pretty unique. The Frankenstein, Wolfman and Mummy figures are EXTREMELY rare and hard to find. The first Dracula surfaced this year, thanks to Plaidstallions. Many thanks to the Plaid Stallions Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend Section for providing many of the images.

I am always actively purchasing Tomland Glow in the Dark Monsters, boxed, carded or loose I am interested Contact me if you have any for sale!

Bionic Man & Woman
1 2 3 4 5 6

"Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. BIG REWARDS WILL COME YOUR WAY IF YOU HAVE ONE FOR SALE OR INFORMATION LEADING TO A CARDED SET OF THESE! .."

2 inch figures
Dracula Frankenstein Mummy Wolfman Yeti Skeleton Phantom

These were only 2 inches tall and were rubber bendys of sorts. They seem to be very hard to find and I have yet to see a packaged example yet. Apparently sold in news agents/ candy shops in the UK,A Hunchback has also been found on the card. Always buying Tomland Mini Monsters, loose or packaged.


Photo Credits: Lincoln Dave Bellmont, Kenn Reul, Ken Keki, Stefano Valsecchi, Ray Castille

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